General Motors introduces braking concept for trailers

General Motors(GM) is manufacturing a trailer braking concept to minimize stopping distance. It is depending on the eBoost brakes of the automaker utilized in the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and Silverado vehicles. The governing bodies of GM said that the system merged on both the truck and trailer with advanced brake rotors, tires and calipers modified the 60 mph to zero stopping distance of the truck and trailer associated by 20 % when as compared with similar truck and trailer along with conventional electric trailer brakes.

The concept utilizes a 7-pin trailer wire connector without the requirement for any additional connections and it helps minimize trailer influence through stability control. We took the structural parameters that we would use for developing a vehicle, considering how much brake force we would require to gather the stopping distance and what elements would need to offer those goals.

The system engineer at GM said that we applied the same constraints to a trailer to indicate that we could halt the two together as fast as a truck is individual. General Motors examined the concept with a 9,000 lb trailer. The vehicle performance engineering manager of GM said that the concept of braking is the first-ever step to what could be a self-sufficient system from the truck, and the automaker hopes to team up with trailer firms in order to acquire the technology to the industry.

Ideally, the consumers would acquire the technology from a dealer of the GM. Moving forward the company would like to work with an alliance to put this into production. Thus, the firm would maybe license the technology as a way to recover some of our manufacturing costs. The concept is being developed to work with any two vehicles, and it would not be an aftermarket portion for existing trailers.