Defence department moving extradition into legal proceedings

A prosecutor from Canada said by urging the involvement of extra proof the defense department for an executive of China needed in the United States of America is heading closer to moving an extradition announcement in a lawsuit. The country arrested the chief financial officer of the Chinese telecom firm at airport of Vancouver in 2018. The United States seeks the daughter of founder of Huawei Meng Manzhou, hand over to face illegal charges. 

America blames Huawei for utilizing a shell firm of Hong Kong Skycom to acquire equipment to Iran in breach of US sanctions. It told that Meng who committed illegal things by mocking the HSBC bank around the business dealings of the company in Iran. Canadian prosecutor Robert Frater told proof that implements a defense or other inference of what actually occurred does not meet the examination of evidence for the hearing of extradition.

Mr. Frater urged to the judge that its your responsibility is not allow this hearing become a trial. Handovers are not trials. He questioned the lawyer of Meng about declines they are not attempting to demonstrate a defense to the proceedings indicating it does not helpful for it.

Numerous cases against Meng is relied on August 2013 PowerPoint presentation that she generated to an executive of HSBC bank during a lunch period in Hong Kong. Her lawyer seek the whole PowerPoint involved in the hearing. They have blamed America of utilizing an improper summary of the meeting that took as an illegal evidence.

The defense said that the America attempted to prove its matter with the help of chosen slides. But if the complete presentation is observed, she elaborates the relationship between Huawei and Skycom. Her lawyer further argue that Meng offered HSBC bank sufficient data to generate its own decisions related to the US sanctions.