Congress to offer massive aid for airlines

The president of the United States Donald Trump said that Congress should immediately expand nearly $25 billion in the brand-new payroll support to the US passenger airlines firing thousands of employees because air travelling remains decrease largely amid the coronavirus epidemic. The new demand of Donald Trump came after he declared his administration would discard discussions along with congressional Democrats over plan to spend around $1.6 trillion in extra COVID-19 relief funds, a move that shown to sink a new $25 billion aid for the US passenger airlines to keep numerous employees on the job for another 6 months.

But the president later released a call on Twitter, asking Congress to quickly finalize $25 billion for the US passenger airlines payroll assistance and I will sign it. He further said that Congress could knock unused funds from previous COVID-19 relief to pay the US passenger airlines and an individual proposal for small business.

Previous week, both American Airlines and United Airlines started laying off nearly 32,000 employees, but had told that they would reverse term if lawmakers reach an agreement on a new government scheme to fund payroll amounts. A former $25 billion airline payroll assistance program of mainly cash allocations confirmed by Congress in March that expired on 30th of September.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expressed assistance for separate bill in order to keep airline employees on the job if a wide package could not be approved. The spokesman of Pelosi didn’t provide any response to a request for any comment. Congress is anticipated to return to session on 19th of October and lawmakers may generate a new try to approve an individual measure to offer the $25 billion needed by airlines but the proposals are uncertain, even though the airline relief appreciate powerful support in the House and Senate as well.