China's top diplomat says Beijing wants to buy more American products

Based on the recent news, the top Chinese diplomats stated that the China was willing to buy more USA products and further said that, trade negotiations would yield results if both nations take highest enthusiastic measures in order represent goodwill and minimize irrelevant language in their trade dispute.

The Chinese state councillor and foreign minister, Wang Yi said that the administration of the United States president Donald Trump had rose positive vibes by waiving traffic on several products of China. And thus, from our side we are willing to buy more products from the United States that are required by the Chinese industry, he added on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly’s yearly gathering of world leaders.

Mr. Wang said that, “We expect both sides can take appropriate measures, cut down pessimistic talk and actions. If everyone does this, then the discussions will not only resume but also proceed and yield outcomes.”

The United States of America and China are getting ready for the another round of high-voltage trade talks in early October in Washington where they will try to figure out a way to halt their 15-month trade war. It is also reported that the talks are scheduled for the 10th to 11th of October in Washington.

But the USA trade representative’s officials didn’t respond to queries regarding the dates which are organized after celebrations in Beijing for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the People’s republic of China on 1st of October.

After two years arguing over American demands that China make massive changes to safeguard and stop the theft and forces transfer of the intellectual property of the United States, the world’s two biggest economies have hiked enormous dollars on each other’s materials, hampering financial markets and disturbing worldwide supply chains.